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TexGranite is currently wholesaling a substantial amount of matching Texas Pink Granite Slabs, also known in the Great State of Texas as Sunset Red.

These Texas granite slabs are unique in that they are cut, polished and ready to go. The cut of these granite slabs is 3 inches thick. There are 800 Texas granite slabs in all. 400 of these granite slabs measure 10'x 5'. TexGranite Wholesale also has 400 additional granite slabs ranging between 5' x 4' and 8'x 5.5".

This lot of Texas Granite is a great find for an architect or contractor looking for wholesale granite building materials for their commercial application. There are many other possible uses including granite monuments, gravity walls, custom granite retainer walls and custom stone projects.

TexGranite Wholesale granite slabs are located in central Texas just outside of Abilene, Texas. Rail and truck transportation is available. Although we prefer to sell the lot complete, we will listen to creative offers and consider breaking up the lot for any unique projects.

-Anker Browder
TexGranite Wholesale

For Additional Information:
Anker Browder: (865) 258-9541

TexGranite Wholesale Will Be Attending The International Surface Event In Vegas, January 23rd thru the 25th.
Hope To See You There!

    -Anker Browder
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